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Rant! Need to stop expecting glee to care…

*Just so everyone knows, this is transferred from my deviantart account. I am not plagiarizing :)

I need to stop expecting Glee to care as much about its characters as I do. 

Just watched the released performance of “You Should be Dancing” ( I sadly noticed that most of the comments on the page were in reference to the actors involved in the scene, and this is exactly the problem Glee has fallen into. Glee has fallen back into the habit of caring more about their actors than they do about the integrity of their characters, and many of its fans have followed Glee’s lead. When Kurt auditioned for the part of Tony, he sang a song that was not something a character as smart as Kurt would sing, coupled with a puzzling physical performance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down that performance, I think it was one of the most amazing performances Chris Colfer has had on the show. But whoever decided to have Kurt use sai swords was jumping the shark. Chris Colfer is a chameleon and he has a wide and strange variety of talents and interests. Kurt is not Chris, and in no way can I see Kurt spending time in his room learning how to twirl sai swords off of Youtube when he could instead be shopping for some fabulous vintage McQueen on ebay. 

This trend of pulling from our reality and injecting it into the glee world began with the season two premier episode, when tabloid criticisms of the show were voiced from within the show by critical blogger character Jacob Ben-Israel (who has been mysteriously absent this season, though I don’t mourn that at all). Such insertions disrupt the flow of the show, because they do not find origin within the show itself. As a result, the show’s reality has been crumbling slowly around itself, until we reach the point we are at now: flailing, desperate episodes interested only in holding a waning audience for an hour, hoping they will be so dazzled by the flash and sparkle of its overly-abundant musical numbers that they won’t notice that the songs hold less and less meaning as the plot gets thinner and thinner so that songs become pointless entirely and merely try to distract the audience from that exact point.

You can’t have a show that is trying to distract you from itself. 

Back to my opening point. I began watching the clip of “You Should be Dancing,” and was not even one whole minute into it before I had to pause and type furiously into the comment box. My comment was so long that I couldn’t enter the entire thing, but I made sure my point came across. If there had been room, then this is what my comment would have read, what I really wanted to say:

"Okay. Can we talk about the characters, and not the actors for a second? What is BLAINE doing singing about a WOMAN? I actually find this really offensive to his character. You want to do this song? Fine. Have Santana or Brittany sing it. Not an OUT & PROUD GAY MAN. Good job, Glee. Just give us jaw-dropping performances with amazing singing, dancing, etc, strung together with luke-warm plot that was warmed up in a microwave half an hour before filming started. Never mind about the character that we have grown to love and are the reasons we watch the show. "

Of course this episode hasn’t even come out yet, so we don’t know the ‘What’ or the ‘Why’ or any set-up at all for this sequence. But, given that this episode’s previews portray it to be a 42 minute feature of 70s disco songs, and given the tune of previous episodes and indeed the plot-lessness of this entire season, I believe it is safe to assume that this is not a significant factor. 

The fact that Blaine is singing a song about a woman, not even accompanied by ironic winks at Kurt, deeply offended me. You have a character that stands for so much for the gay community, and they you blatantly heterosexualize him without even acknowledging it.

But I managed to pull myself together, copy my angry comment in the comment box for later use (i.e. here), and continued watching the sequence.

As a result, I was forced to remove my Blaine-goggles.

I don’t know a lot of songs, so I didn’t know where this one was heading, and felt the wind get knocked out of my self-righteous sails as the song continued and none of the ensuing lyrics had much to do with woman-loving, and had all the more to do with dancing. 

But then I realised that this didn’t knock my opinion entirely out of the water, it just shifted its focus. Instead of Blaine being the party injured by this performance, it became apparent to me that it was actually Brittany and Mike who had been cheated. 

We are singing a song about dancing, and yet the show’s two greatest dancers are playing back-up to another character. Why? Because the show isn’t interested in its characters. The show doesn’t care what Mike and Brittany might be thinking about the club’s focus on vocals over quick steps. This song could have been their revolt! Disco is more memorable as a dance era than it is a vocal one anyways, so let them take centre stage! We’ve proven they can both sing, so that’s not the problem. Heck, while you’re at it, show your support for the gay community as much as you purport you do and have Brittany sing about how “[her] woman takes [her] higher… and keeps [her] warm.” Maybe then you could present their relationship as functional and stable and normal as any regular couple, instead of over-sexualizing them that this scandal about a leaked sex-tape of theirs is going to do. Because, you know, lesbians are for titilation, not anything that could be mistaken as meaningful.

The problem, is that what this show is interested in is it’s audience. Therefore, since Darren is one of the hottest (popularity-wise, and, you know, literally-…wise) actors on the show, then by the powers that be! he shall sing lead and dance centre-stage. 

But maybe the problem isn’t the show. Maybe the problem is me. Stupid me, who expects this show to harbinger of equality and tolerance. If you bring in the opinions of the real world, then you also bring in the hierarchies and prejudices. Glee season 1 did a great job of displaying high school from the point of view of the kids who look up from the bottom of the pyramid. That was, and continues to be upheld as, the purpose and message of the show. Season 3, and that sense has been entirely lost. Playing character, and especially actor, popularity undermines the integrity of the show itself and instead renders it entirely meaningless. 

There is enough meaninglessness on TV nowadays, what with the rampant disease that is reality TV - something with no writers - without having to turn on Glee, expecting to be blown away by its touted greatness, but instead sadly realising that what you are watching was slapped together by over SIX writers and still manages to be occasionally entertaining, but mostly entirely meaningless.

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